Heavy News: 5 Facts About Freddie

Freddie Jones has played trumpet all over the world. He’s got years of experience and a jam-packed schedule, including a standing gig nearly every Sunday; at AT&T Stadium.

Jones, who grew up in Memphis but is now based out of Dallas, is the Cowboys’ standing trumpet player for home games, performing the National Anthem each time the squad takes to the turf in Arlington. It’s not only an impressive gig but one that is specific just to Dallas, a long-standing tradition that only recently got its spark back.

Here’s what you need to know about Jones and how he ended up front and center every Sunday:

Heavy News

Life of Dreams

Enjoy an evening of smooth jazz in Fort Worth’s Museum District with performances by Freddie Jones, Tom Braxton, and Larry Braggs. Presented by Jim Austin Online.com. Doors at 6 p.m.


Check out Freddie’s App!

freddiejonesapp Check out the app where you are can learn more about Freddie, listen to songs, and learn about his various music endeavors as a musician and teacher.

You can download the app for both the iPhone and Android. You can also search ‘Freddie Jones Trumpet.’

Trumpet Donations

We’re excited to announce that we’ve given away numerous trumpets to middle and high school students this year. To learn more about Trumpets4Kids, an organization started by Freddie, visit http://www.trumpets4kids.com/.